Colaabo helps a franchise work together
for the betterment of the entire franchise

Colaabo brings crowdbased, dynamic, real-time data exchange and interaction to businesses–designed to
help Owners and Investors detect critical business process flaws, adapt to changes in the market,
exchange solutions, and grow through the strengths of the collective and solid financial oversight.

Colaabo brings a holistic view
to franchise store management

From sales to logistics to social media and beyond, Colaabo provides franchise store owners with a holistic view of their store.

Colaabo encourages and enables
intra-franchise interactions

Colaabo enables franchise store owners to collaborate on their business strategies, allowing innovative business ideas to spread throughout the franchise.

Colaabo brings big data
to franchise owners

Colaabo data aggregation tools and unique rating system shows franchise owners the strengths and weaknesses of each store in the franchise.

Colaabo's Key Features

From sales data to schedule tracking to store ratings,
Colaabo has the tools to help your franchise succeed.

  • Store Ratings

    Colaabo's store rating algorithms provide store owners with feedback on various aspects of their store's business model.

  • Issue Resolution

    Having trouble with an aspect of your store? Ask other store owners how they would solve it.

  • Store Alerts

    Get real-time alerts sent to your phone if something with your store is abnormal.

  • Franchise Notifications

    Send a franchise message to national, regional, or local stores.

  • Ease of Use

    Colaabo's multi-platform support and simple-but-powerful interface makes using Colaabo easy and rewarding.

  • Cloud Architecture

    Colaabo's cloud infrastructure provides secure, scalable resources to franchises of any size.

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